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Devisys anti-slip devices

The Devisys anti-slip device was created and developed at the safety technology laboratory of the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland. The structure of the anti-slip device is based on research data. The research results of the VTT showed that the most common reason for slipping was caused by the heel when stepping on a surface covered by snow or ice. For this reason, the Devisys-anti- slip device was designed to cover the entire heel.

Devisys anti-slip devices are easy to attach and to detach. They are suitable for various kinds of shoes, e.g. work shoes, winter and sports footwear.


Devisys Original

Devisys Original anti-slip devices are the first and original anti-slip heel devices on the market. The material used for the anti-slip device is a TR rubber blend which is extremely frost-resistant. Durable hard metal studs of suitable height, similar to winter tires studs, have been cast on the outer sole.

A 3M reflector placed at the rear provides additional safety for the dark and slippery winter conditions.

Devisys Original

Shoe size32-3637-3940-4445-5050-55


Devisys Professional

The Devisys Professional is an anti-slip device model designed for professional use.

Its body has been made of a TPU-polymer which is extremely durable. The Devisys Professional is available in safety colors; in yellow and orange.

A 3M reflector placed at the rear provides additional safety for the dark and slippery winter conditions.

Devisys Pro
Devisys Intrinsic

Devisys Intrinsic


The Devisys Intrinsic is a spark-proof and anti-static anti-slip device. It is used primarily in the oil and gas industries, for explosive circumstances. The material is a durable TR rubber
blend with spark-proof studs made of stainless steel cast on the sole.

A 3M reflector placed in the rear provides additional safety for the dark and slippery winter conditions.

Research report No. VTT-S-04934-13
Summary of the test

Burnable materialEurope (IEC)USA (NEC)
Gas or vapourZone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2Class I, Div 1
DustZone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22Class II, Div 1
FibresSame as dustClass III, Div 1

Devisys Polar Bear

Devisys Polar Bear

The Devisys Polar Bear is a light-weight, almost imperceptible anti-slip device. The material of the body of the Devisys anti-slip device is a TR rubber blend that provides a good grip, being at the same time extremely frost-resistant. This model is available in two different sizes.


Devisys Blue-Ice

Devisys Blue-Ice slip protectors are designed to be worn over the entire sole of your shoe. Their 11 hard-metal spikes are placed evenly on the sole so that they cover both the heel and ball of the foot area. Devisys Blue-Ice slip protectors are made of TPE that remains flexible down to –40 Celsius degrees. The product is available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL). 3M reflector on the back makes the protectors even safer to use as they ensure you are visible in the dark winter weather.


Shoe size33-3637-4041-4445-48

Extension straps

The fixing strap of the anti-slip device can be extended by approx. 7cm or 12cm with an extension strap made of leather. Easy to attach with a Velcro tape.

Devisys Oy

An extensive experience in the design and manufacturing of anti-slip devices.

Devisys Oy was founded in 1989 to develop an anti-slip device created at the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, into a product and to commercialize it. The idea was to develop
an anti-slip heel device; an easy-to use device enabling safe maneuvering in winter. Further development of the product continued through the entire 1990s. In 2001, the company was
transferred to its current owners. At the turn of the millennium, the product family was redesigned and export activities were expanded from the Nordic Countries to Central Europe.

The present decade has brought along new product variations and qualities, such as the TPU body material, antistatic and spark-proof products. Additionally, anti-slip devices are now available in several colors. Products are also being manufactured with personalized brands logos, which permits customers to have anti-slip devices made with their own logos.

Devisys anti-slip devices are being used all over the world. Once upon time, a company, located in Texas, purchased our anti-slip devices and sold them in Alaska. Visitors from Alaska visited the Sakhalin Island in Russia, where a local man noticed an Alaskan visitor wearing Devisys anti-slip devices. This led to a conversation which confirms that our anti-slip devices reputation has travelled positively around the globe. Regardless of all this, we still have the same objective: to keep your feet steady on the ground.